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A Top-Rated Restaurant in Geneva

A taste of Scandinavia

Chef Francesca Fucci brings a unique Nordic twist to Geneva with his local, seasonality-influenced cuisine and tailored menu. Paying homage to traditional Scandinavian fish markets, the restaurant brings casual table and communal dining to an elegant setting. Prime views across Lake Geneva frame the restaurant's entirely natural concept. Rough-hewn timber and bespoke ceramic wall art offset the open kitchen and raw food counter, creating a distinct and flexible space, hosted by a passionate, intuitive team.
Unique to Geneva

Unique to Geneva

Weathered oak paneling, slate topped tables and handmade ceramic oyster wall art characterize the stripped-back décor that gives Fiskebar its refined spirit. The informal, spacious layout accommodates comfortable sofas, casual tables and communal dining, alongside an open kitchen and raw food counter. An entirely innovative concept, the restaurant is supremely located overlooking Lake Geneva and is the only one of its kind in the city.

A Journey to Northern Land

This one-of-a-kind culinary experience, full of bold flavors, emphasizes on highest quality sea products, organic and seasonal ingredients. Fiskebar presents a palatable selection of dishes in his ingenuously crafted menus. Culinary highlights include the octopus tempura, black garlic and hibiscus from the counter market, the lobster, brioche and potato and the pickled mackerel, chanterelle and wild berries.

A Sustainable Cuisine

A Sustainable Cuisine

Chef Francesca Fucci advocates for a sustainable approach, giving priority to sourcing locally and minimizing waste. She directly acquires ingredients from producers or even forests and enforces "Zero-Waste" practices.

Fiskebar talented Team, consistently attentive and creative, interprets a menu that undergoes changes every 2 months based on the seasons, ensuring a perpetually rejuvenated dining experience, fresher and more responsible.

An Exceptional Wine Selection

An Exceptional Wine Selection

The Wine Menu at Fiskebar showcases wines from esteemed small-scale producers, spanning Switzerland, France, Italy, and beyond. These carefully chosen wines complement Chef Francesca's creations, ensuring a memorable culinary journey. Our Sommelier's dedication to wine extends beyond the bottles, as they engage with patrons to provide distinctive and emotive experiences through their selections. Explore this extraordinary assortment, where every glass narrates a tale, and each sip enlivens your senses, creating delightful moments.


The Restaurant
Tue - Sat: 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM


The Bar: Fred by Fiskebar
Everyday: 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM